New Releases: Proenza Schouler Arizona

As a longtime Arizonan, I was excited that a major designer release was gonna interpret my homeland via scent. Southwest-inspired design has been trendy for at least the last couple of years (I mean, Madewell seems to owe their entire aesthetic to southwest-hipster-chic.) So Arizona, the first scent released by the fashion duo Proenza Schouler,... Continue Reading →


Stash by SJP- The Celebrity Niche Scent

┬áThe prevailing formula for virtually every celebrity fragrance release seems to be: make it cheap, make it sweet, make it boring. These fragrances are all too often just concocted as a quick cash grab, based entirely on the popularity of the "celeb" promoting it. They're like a manufactured pop band created based on an aging... Continue Reading →

New Fragrance Hype Train: Aura by Mugler

Looks like Christmas came early this year, as Mugler has announced a brand spanking new fragrance to add to their Angel, Alien, Womanity, and Innocent lineup. Even after such an amazing release like Angel Muse recently, I think even diehard Mugler fans were getting a bit of "flanker fatigue." I mean, the flankers tend to... Continue Reading →

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