Say it, Don’t (Over)Spray it!

Go on any fragrance board and you'll see plenty of topics from, lets be real here, mostly male "bros," asking for "beast mode" fragrances or "sillage monsters," because no ordinary frag will do. Some even go so far as to completely dismiss all but the absolute longest lasting, most beastly fragrances. And for some super... Continue Reading →


The Price Superiority Complex

Anyone who's spent enough time in a fragrance hobby knows just how expensive a single bottle can get. Oh, how naive I was when my awareness of fragrances was limited to the selections at Ulta- where a $100 Chanel was the most exorbitantly expensive fragrance option. Now, I don't even bat an eye at $200... Continue Reading →

How Useful is the Term “Niche?”

Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that somewhere down the line, we all decided that the main way us frag-heads would categorize fragrances is by whether or not they are "designer" or "niche"? Look at the description of most YouTube reviews - you'll usually see the "designer" or "niche" designation... Continue Reading →

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