The Freshest Vanilla: Diptyque Eau Duelle EDT

I guess you could say that I'm a vanilla lover. I'm not necessarily crazy about straight up, vanilla-extract-in-a-bottle scents, but I love what vanilla does to other notes in a fragrance composition. Some of my favorite fragrances are heavy on vanilla- like the rich, balsalmic vanilla found in Mugler's Alien Essence Absolue, or the spicy,... Continue Reading →


New Releases: Proenza Schouler Arizona

As a longtime Arizonan, I was excited that a major designer release was gonna interpret my homeland via scent. Southwest-inspired design has been trendy for at least the last couple of years (I mean, Madewell seems to owe their entire aesthetic to southwest-hipster-chic.) So Arizona, the first scent released by the fashion duo Proenza Schouler,... Continue Reading →

Say it, Don’t (Over)Spray it!

Go on any fragrance board and you'll see plenty of topics from, lets be real here, mostly male "bros," asking for "beast mode" fragrances or "sillage monsters," because no ordinary frag will do. Some even go so far as to completely dismiss all but the absolute longest lasting, most beastly fragrances. And for some super... Continue Reading →

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir

Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir is the tragically discontinued flanker of Sensuous, a beautiful, if a bit basic, sandalwood-based scent. Although not exactly gothic despite the "noir" designation, Sensuous Noir is a rich, dense, semi-gourmand sandalwood scent. It corrals all of the best scents from the holidays, and rolls them into one warm, syrupy, and intoxicating brew.... Continue Reading →

My Top Boudoir Scents

"Boudoir" is one of my favorite scent genres. Even before my more involved fragrance exploration, I was always drawn towards anything evocative of vintage glamour: waxy lipstick, warm face powder, boozy vanilla... These qualities are perfume at its most "perfumey" and womanly, embodying that grown-up, elegant mystique that gets many young girls intrigued by the... Continue Reading →

Stash by SJP- The Celebrity Niche Scent

 The prevailing formula for virtually every celebrity fragrance release seems to be: make it cheap, make it sweet, make it boring. These fragrances are all too often just concocted as a quick cash grab, based entirely on the popularity of the "celeb" promoting it. They're like a manufactured pop band created based on an aging... Continue Reading →

Can’t Handle the Perfume? Buy the Lotion!

There are some fragrances that are just too much- especially those beauties from decades past. Heavy hitters like vintage classic Aromatics Elixir by clinique are wildly complex, overstuffed, and perhaps too bold for modern noses. Despite the current formulation likely being a tad tamer than back in the day, I still struggle with wearing this chypre... Continue Reading →

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