New Releases: Proenza Schouler Arizona

As a longtime Arizonan, I was excited that a major designer release was gonna interpret my homeland via scent. Southwest-inspired design has been trendy for at least the last couple of years (I mean, Madewell seems to owe their entire aesthetic to southwest-hipster-chic.) So Arizona, the first scent released by the fashion duo Proenza Schouler,... Continue Reading →


A True Flower Bomb: Chloe Narcisse

90's powerhouse Narcisse by Chloe distinguishes itself from the brands rather tame modern offerings. I've always been kind of indifferent to the wildly popular soapy-musky-fruity rose that is (modern) Chloe by Chloe. It's perfectly pleasant but ends up being a bit bland, so I've never felt the need to own it. Imagine my surprise when... Continue Reading →

Blandly Literal: Jil Sander Sun

I've been intrigued by Jil Sander Sun for a while now. It's one of those classic 90's scents that still has a cult following, and it frequently comes up on "cheapie but goodie" fragrance lists. I've always been drawn to scents that are made to smell like skin- clean skin, dirty skin, or, in this... Continue Reading →

The Price Superiority Complex

Anyone who's spent enough time in a fragrance hobby knows just how expensive a single bottle can get. Oh, how naive I was when my awareness of fragrances was limited to the selections at Ulta- where a $100 Chanel was the most exorbitantly expensive fragrance option. Now, I don't even bat an eye at $200... Continue Reading →

How Useful is the Term “Niche?”

Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that somewhere down the line, we all decided that the main way us frag-heads would categorize fragrances is by whether or not they are "designer" or "niche"? Look at the description of most YouTube reviews - you'll usually see the "designer" or "niche" designation... Continue Reading →

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